Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mission Spork is Go

My overly-long hiatus has ended, and I have a new book to loathe and a new blog to do so in. Mission Spork is currently under construction, and I will shortly dive into book one of the Mission Earth "dekalogy," The Invaders Plan. I haven't decided on a tagline yet, but am considering "And You Thought Battlefield Earth Was Bad..."

In between working on Mission Spork, I hope to find time to pretty up Battlefield Spork a bit, maybe by finishing up the cast page that's sat half-completed for too long, or seeing what I can do to make moving through the posts easier. Other than that, though, this blog is pretty much done, if not quite finished. Not that it's going anywhere, hopefully. Take your time, look around, kick up your heels. Just, you know, if you want to read something new, you'll want to follow the link in the previous paragraph.

Or you could go to another site, I guess. If you've got places to go and stuff. It's cool. I understand.