Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Part 4, Chapter 3 - Terl the Thespian

Stage two of Terl's Kunnin' Plan is to get conspicuously drunk in the rec center while playing all the favorite Psychlo games. Like "paw-gripping," where the contestants vie to see who can stand the most squeezing, or "rings," where players lob circlets at pegs to score points.

Yeah. I'm actually feeling nostalgic for Blitzball.

Terl's so trashed that he loses even to the smaller Chamco brother, but keeps betting credits, which incidentally seem to be paper-ish money not dissimilar to our own. Sobbing, Terl waves around his "good-luck bill," with its distinctive crumples and signatures on it - the same marked bill he made sure was clearly visible when he made his recording of "Zzt's" robbery earlier. Dun duh duhn!

Terl loses the match by passing out, Chamco the Lesser gets the special bill, and Terl's coworkers are nice enough to dump his carcass off at his room, "chanting the funeral dirge of the Psychlos in a most feeling way." Yep, they only have one.

When they're gone, Terl revives. Turns out that he'd taken "counter-kerbango pills" before his binge, and "tickling his throat with a talon" gets rid of the excess. Counter-kerbango pills. Now I'm having Batman flashbacks too.

Quietly then, with great satisfaction, he undressed and got into bed and had a beautiful sleep full of beautiful dreams concerning the beautiful future of Terl.

At least this chapter was short, just over two pages. Annoying, but short. So's the next, in which we check in on Jonnie. Don't get excited, he's not doing much either.

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