Monday, January 25, 2010

Part 5, Chapter 6 - Learning the Language of Your Enemies? A Good Idea.

Terl and Jonnie reach the library around 1:00 in the afternoon, which Jonnie knows by his innate magical powers. Terl's hoping for signs of Jonnie's horse.

They go in, Terl comments on how Jonnie slipped in through the windows (and even replaced the barriers after him), and the human realizes that his first exploration was in the kiddies' section. Luckily, Denver was using new Super Paper before the Psychlo invasion, so the card catalog hasn't rotted away into lumps of mulch after a thousand years of neglect. Jonnie gets to work researching "mountains," confirming in the process that Terl can't read English.

And so Jonnie picks up Defense Systems of the United States (which includes a chapter on "MX1 Anti-Nuclear Silos"), Nuclear Physics, Congressional Hearings on Missile Installations, The Scandals of Nuclear Mismanagement, Nuclear Deterrent Strategy, Uranium--Hope or Hell, and Nuclear Waste and Pollution. Oh, and a copy of Colorado, Scenic Wonderland to fool Terl. The Psychlo approves of our purple mountains' majesty.

I'm just impressed Jonnie could find a book detailing US bunkers in a Cold War-era library. I thought that might be one of those things you, y'know, keep secret? I guess the 70s and 80s were more trusting than history gives them credit for.

There's also a relief map, and Jonnie, using his Super Geography Skills, is able to ascertain which mountain is Highpeak, and even which meadow contains the Village of the Idiots. Terl's attention is on another valley. What could he be up to?

Suddenly, a shot - er, hoofstrike of a horse rang out! Cliffhanger chapter ending! Arbitrary break in the narrative!

Next chapter, she's back.

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