Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Part 17, Chapter 3 - Oh Good, Jonnie's Back

The chapter opens with Jonnie announcing that "We are going to Africa." Jonnie needs Psychlos, living and dead, because he's wondering why Company protocols sent all dead aliens home. He wants to do some autopsies to try to figure out why the Chamcos committed suicide, which is proving difficult since the dead Psychlos from the battle got dumped down a mine shaft and the Chamcos were inexplicably incinerated by order of the council. He'd also like to talk with some engineers who haven't offed themselves yet, because Psychlo math is like way harder than our puny Earth math.

Why Africa of all places is simple - there's an untouched Psychlo outpost there, around a tungsten mine near Lake Victoria. The place is concealed by the jungle canopy so it wasn't hit during the Epic Battle of Earth, since the humans planned their attack based on recon drone scans. Jonnie only found out about it later because of a map.

Yes, Jonnie imagines these Psychlos have been "sitting there listening to the strange chatter on the pilot planetary, keeping their furry Psychlo heads down and waiting for a chance to break out" for the week(s?) since the human uprising, rather than doing something. Maybe they get basic cable down there and have no reason to leave, I dunno.

This hunting expedition will be off-the-record; ostensibly Jonnie and Company are going to greet the local tribes. This is because Jonnie's not happy with the planetary council - not only is he no longer invited to the meetings, but they're passing lots of laws. Like many Americans, Jonnie is instinctively suspicious of any government that attempts to actually govern. Laws are for foreigners.

Oh, and wouldn't you know it but Jonnie's on the road to recovery. Dr. MacKendrick was startled when, after using a dull needle to stitch Jonnie's cheek, the guy reached up with his nonresponsive right hand. There's no physical damage, Jonnie just needs to relearn how to use his right side, which of course won't take him long. The doctor, of course, "liked this young man. He liked him very much."

They should just take Jonnie around to every group on the planet and ask if they like him or not. Anyone who says no is obviously a villain and should be immediately executed.

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