Monday, July 19, 2010

Part 19, Chapter 1 - Brown Limper Remembers His Training

Brown Limper Staffor, chairman of the world council, representative of five tribes now with the addition of the Brigantes, and Senior Mayor America, is having a bad day. The other four council members are protesting the fact that the Brigantes security force gets paid twenty times as many credits as council members. Like many politicians before him, Brown Limper suspects that things would run smoother if everyone would just shut up and let him give the orders.

That black fellow from Africa! That yellow creature from Asia! That tan idiot from South America! That dull, bullheaded brute from Europe! Ugh, ugh, ugh, and UGH!

I'm not sure what to make of that. I tempted to call it a diversionary tactic, as if Hubbard was dimly aware of how un-PC some of his passages were and decided to turn Brown Limper into a big enough racist to act as a lightning rod.

Also, sucks to be Australia.

Brown Limper thinks back to all he has learned from Lars about Hitler's message of morality, and what Terl has said about the power of leverage. Inspiration strikes; he tables the current pay debate and instead abruptly proposes a new measure about morality. He gives a speech on the topic that fortunately we're spared, and suggests a law that would remove any officeholder for scandalous conduct. The other four council members, "all reasonably honest men," agree.

Afterward, Brown Limper talks with Lars about "button cameras," speaks with General Snith, and soon posts some of the more attractive Brigante women in the hotel the council members stay at. When he chats with Terl even later, the Psychlo compliments his pupil on his acumen. So it is a very pleased Brown Limper who gets back to his main objective, adding to the list of charges against Jonnie Goodboy Tyler.

I like this chapter. It's just over two pages long and the stupidity doesn't go far above the normal background levels for Battlefield Earth. Next chapter, it's "the big one!"

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