Friday, July 23, 2010

Part 19, Chapter 5 - I Was Getting Tired of Africa Anyway

Robert the Fox's reaction to Ker's letter channels Admiral Ackbar: "It's a trap!" He and Dunneldeen and Colonel Ivan are solidly against Jonnie going back to America, but the MacTyler unconcernedly goes about trimming and dying his beard so that he could pass for Stormalong, then changes clothes with the man and adds a few more touches to his disguise.

Jonnie forbids little Bittie from accompanying him but assigns him to Colonel Ivan, who he orders to seal up to American bunker complex so only Jonnie's loyalists can enter. Then Jonnie eats lunch provided from the locals from the Mountains of the Moon, who have nothing better to do than serve these heroic white men. While in the commissary Jonnie hears about sightings of The Gray Man in India and South America.

And then Jonnie gives some last orders, mostly about Scotsmen pretending to be other Scotsmen, waves, and flies out into a thunderstorm. And that's it for the chapter. I'd like to say something insightful or funny (or what I think is insightful or funny), but I've got nothing to work with here.

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