Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Part 20, Chapter 8 - Muh-muh-muh-muh-Monster Kill!

Jonnie spots another truck racing towards the compound, while from the east approaches a surveillance drone. He assumes they aren't friendly and concludes that he's on his own. But the guards are surprised by the approaching ground vehicle, which pulls up and disgorges Bittie, carrying his new riding crop. He cries "I'll get the horses, Sir Jonnie. It's my job!" and runs up the hill towards Dancer the horse.

Completely missing the significance of the two armed guards flanking Jonnie.

Russian #whatever and Jonnie yell for Bittie to come back, but it's no use. Just when the self-styled squire reaches Dancer, a Brigante jumps out from behind a boulder and hoses Bittie down with a full burst to the gut. Bittie drops, and two more Brigantes jump out of hiding to kill the Russian.

Berserk, Jonnie takes a step backwards, slams his two guards together "like egg shells," catches one of their guns as it falls, crushes its former owner's skull with the heel of his boot, drops the other with a point-blank burst, then goes to a knee and blows away the two newcomers gangsta-style "so [the Thompson's] kick would fan the bullets."

Not much to say but day-am, boy!

Bittie's killer has gone to ground, but five more Brigantes storm out of the compound. Jonnie tosses his now-jammed gun aside, ignores the incoming bullets, takes up the second Thompson, drops to a knee behind the downed Russian, and eliminates all five attackers in another sideways spray.

Then he picks up the Russian's assault rifle to deal with eight more Brigantes coming out of a ravine. He picks off the last in line first so that the Brigante's comrades won't know he's dead, which is a pointless gesture since Jonnie just drops all the rest in another spray of semiautomatic fire, causing "an avalanche of dead men."

Meanwhile in the compound, Lars is is hiding in a garage, burrowing under a wrecked car to stay out of sight, "sobbing with terror."

Jonnie's bloodlust, however, remains unsated since he hasn't caught Bittie's killer. He runs into another group of Brigante and kills them. We're not told how many, or what technique Jonnie used, or even if they were returning fire.

Meanwhile in his cage - oh, we're in the mining compound! - Terl's flat on the ground, panting in fear, waiting for the animal to come kill him next, too scared to try to fashion the explosives hidden in his cage into a grenade.

Jonnie's not done killing yet. Darting from cover to cover he hunts for the "ape" who killed Bittie, turning two more mercenaries into "rolling balls of dead flesh" with only a nicked neck from a lucky bullet for his trouble. Then he spots his target, who turns and tries to resist, but Jonnie "slice[s] him in two" with his assault rifle as the roaring recon drone passes overhead (I guess so others can watch the footage and be impressed by Jonnie's pwnage).

One of the mercenaries is still alive, crawling on the ground for a weapon, desperate for something to use against this unstoppable murder machine. Jonnie dispatches him. His rage spent, he goes to Bittie.

Jonnie's kills this chapter: at least 20.

Good thing Bittie showed up and got shot or else there's no way Jonnie could've survived that ambush, huh?

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