Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Part 24, Chapter 2 - Is it him? No. Or is it? Maybe it is.

This is a short chapter, which is good, but from Brown Limper's perspective, which is not. It starts with Terl confiscating his and Lars' firearms, but Staffor completely misses Terl's warning that gunfire around the teleporter platform will kill them all. He is, of course, still obsessing about Jonnie.

Terl had somebody else there in the bundle. Tyler? No, it couldn't be Tyler or Terl would have called out. Maybe it was Tyler. Maybe Terl was double-crossing him! No, it couldn't be Tyler. Who was it? But yes, it might be Tyler. They put an air mask on whoever it was. They meant to take somebody to Psychlo!

No, it couldn't be Tyler.

But maybe it was.

Riveting stuff. Also, if you're this worried about the identity of someone, stop speculating and take a good look at them. Or hell, ask who the prisoner is. But no, Brown Limper's too craaaazy to do something like verifying whether or not someone is the object of his obsession. I guess in Hubbard's mind a person dying of thirst would be too bonkers to see if there's any water in a canteen.

Instead, Brown Limper is waiting for a good moment to rush back to his car and grab the Tommy Gun he has stashed there, and then hose down that bundle of humanity that may or may not be his nemesis. But then someone in a radiation suit rushes up to him, grabs Terl's "gift," and tells Staffor to run. Brown Limper recognizes Jonnie's blond beard and orders Lars to open fire!

The neo-Nazi instead bolts for Denver. Whah...whah... whaaaaah.

Only then, belatedly, does Staffor realize that despite the blond beard, the guy in the radiation suit sounded Swedish, which indicates that visual data reaches his brain faster than aural information. But then he does hear Jonnie's voice shouting over the platform. So Brown Limper "tore" his way to his car and "raced" to get his other gun and finish his hated foe once and for all.

Remember how Brown Limper is a club-footed cripple? 'cause L. Ron don't.

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