Thursday, November 18, 2010

Part 29, Chapter 4 - Two Characters Change Locations

Dunneldeen flies over to Kariba, noticing Jonnie's newly-trimmed beard even as Jonnie worries over the bandages wrapped around 'deen's face - injuries earned while fighting fires. He brings word from Scotland, about how the blazes are out and the Small Gray Man has been traveling all over the place asking questions and gathering data from old libraries. The alien also ended up saving the chief of Clanfearghus' life with knowledge of a treatment for hemophilia, so I guess the bankers aren't irredeemably evil.

Oh, and Sir Robert's in the plane too, and is so exhausted that Jonnie and 'deen haul him out and hand him over to the Tsungs for a bath, haircut, and bed without him waking up. When Jonnie notices how Dunneldeen is similarly tired, he has him get the same treatment. Then he gets on the radio and tries to find Stormalong and MacAdam, but keeps getting that French girl in Luxemborg.

And... that's pretty much it. A sparse amount of character interaction that was inexplicably given a two-page chapter. But at least we've still got the exciting meeting with the bankers to look forward to, right?

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