Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Part 32, Chapter 2 - Dental Plan

Yay, another dinky little two-page chapter.

Due to the danger of handling Psychlos, who are big stupid lummoxes that Jonnie can toss around in close combat three at a time, the humans devise a cunning scheme to get them to go through with the crazy capsule-removing surgery safely. It involves dentistry. Dead serious.

Jonnie comes up with a fake regulation requiring Psychlos to submit to teeth cleaning and repair. While the patient is under anesthesia they get their mind-scrambler removed as their fangs get cleaned. Though the aliens are unfamiliar with the concept of a company dental plan, an assembly line process is developed that sees all their capsules removed in twelve days. The Psychlos all admire their beautiful smiles ("A Psychlo admiring beauty was a major change in itself"), and Ker wants in on the action even though he lacks the implant.

MacKendrick warns that the Psychlos may still have residual Evil left over from tradition and education, and says it's all up to Jonnie now. Well, Jonnie and whatever Psychlos decide to hold his hand and teach him math, but let's not forget who The Hero is, eh?

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